The White Party™ formula has its roots in Saint Tropez France, where it all started over 50 years ago, then it crossed the ocean back in 1984. In USA it was founded to raise money for a good cause and has been one of the most successfull benefit / fundraising events ever. Over the years the parties grew and so did the numbers of people attending.


Today White Party™ has become one of the world’s best known events. Fifteen years ago the first White Party™ was held in Amsterdam, this party has also become the biggest Mix dance event in Europe.


Over the past ten years the official White Party™ was in Amsterdam and has toured France (Paris), United Kingdom (London), Germany (Cologne and Berlin), Italy (Rome), Spain (Gran Canarias, Ibiza, Barcelona), Prague, Hamburg, Nice and more.


Robert Riedijk is owner of the White Party and Black Party trademark for the European Union.


A truly unique experience!


Celebrities over the years on White Party's:

Cindy Crawford, Gloria Estefan, Eartha Kitt, Patti Labelle, Madonna, Yoko Ono RuPaul, Rupert Everett, Boy George, The Sugar Babes, Grace Jones, Deborah Cox and  year 2015 will be no different!



“White stands for purity”, as Frank Wager, co –founder of the White Party™

White is the balance of the full spectrum of all colours but it is not a colour in the rainbow. The White Party™ gives WHITE it’s well deserved place in the rainbow.

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