DJ MIHAI DAMON is original from Transylvania, the passion for music was always within Mihai Damon, but Amsterdam was the place where he decided in early 2011 to invest and develop an ear for good music. He brought himself some decks and “a la old school" and added value to new technology devices, he started to mix the sounds and tracks that caught his attention. The genres approached in his sets mingle between house, tech, tribal, progressive, electronic, dance and deep and minimal, receiving great apreciations from more than 160 countries worldwide, with most recognition in: 1. Netherlands; 2. France; 3. United States; 3. Germany; 4. Spain; 5. United Kingdom; to stand as top 5 countries of popularity.

Music is more meaningful when lyrics tell a story; his sets are all laced with uplifting happy vocals.




"Happy Sounds = Happy People !!!" - Mihai Damon

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